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Orbital partners with you to produce defensible digital evidence. We take a collaborative approach with legal advisors and their end clients from collections to production to delineate the scope of work, develop written processes, and to create a defined project workflow. This approach enables us to understand the specifics of your case to produce all relevant documents quickly.

Electronically stored information (ESI) was once limited to company email. It has exploded to include social media, text and instant messages, mobile devices, collaboration platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams, network servers, computer hard drives, and the list continues to expand. Along with the increase in storage capacity, there has been an increase in data protection laws governing the collection and use of ESI. These laws not only vary across individual US states but also across countries and regions around the world.

You need a partner who can help you navigate the different rules to produce legally defensible data. Orbital’s eDiscovery team has the knowledge to maintain compliance with data protection rules such as GDPR (general data protection rules) around the globe. Cross-border discovery conflicts between the US and its broad discovery rights can occur with countries with more limited discovery rights.

A partner with a global presence can help to reduce this tension during cross-border discovery. Whether an engagement requires data collection to occur and remain in a specific country or it places limits on what data can be produced, our team has the knowledge & experience to work with these issues.

Our eDiscovery team has a deep knowledge that spans several eDiscovery platforms. With cloud computing maturity, a large data centre footprint is often costly and no longer necessary. Orbital’s built for the Cloud approach allows us to be software agnostic to leverage the solutions most appropriate for your situation. However, we can also deploy solutions behind our client’s firewalls or on a mobile eDiscovery platform for projects containing highly sensitive data.

We have the tools to collect and process millions of data items across multiple storage platforms. Using de-duplication and culling methods as well as legal artificial intelligence, we can reduce the number of documents for review.

As a result, the most relevant documents are provided first and are easy to sort through, review, and organise. Speed and efficiency allow us to save our clients’ money.

Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR)

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