Case Studies

eDiscovery: Department of Justice subpoenaed information regarding a False Claim Act investigation.

Solution: Over a two-week period, the client provided Orbital with over four hundred (400) email archives and five (5) TB of file share and Slack data. Within that period, Orbital worked with the client to cull and search documents related to high-priority custodians. Data set was successfully pared down to a manageable size for review and production to the Department of Justice.

eDiscovery: Client expressed need to complete review under strict budgetary and deadline constraints.
Solution: Deployed machine learning technology to accelerate review and identification of relevant documents. Attorney review time and associated costs reduced by half compared to standard linear review. Results validated through well-established statistical methods.

Project Resourcing: Due to travel restrictions caused by COVID-19, a client was unable to staff a project in Europe using their internal teams.

Solution: Orbital provided local European-based resources and was able to deploy them quickly to meet the needs of a demanding project. Orbital’s senior consultants completed an essential aspect of the project which the client would have otherwise been unable to deliver.